I awoke this morning to a fresh blanket of snow which covered most of Ohio overnight. I heard the weatherman talking about it yesterday, but I have learned to ignore what he says and believe the opposite to be true; however, I was pleasantly surprised to see the snow in early November. Honestly, I like snow. I used to love it, but there are a few negative things that make me a fence straddler – scraping my cars windows, slick roads, and the fact that my dog refuses to use the bathroom outside unless I stand outside in the snow with her are a few of the things I hate about snow. But I mostly like it…especially the changing of seasons, changing of scenery, and changing of temperature.

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I can hear a faint chirping sound coming from my basement. At first I thought it was some poor bird searching for a way out, but upon further investigation I realized that the battery in my basement smoke detector is low. I don’t have a 9v battery in the house because no one ever does, except maybe battery hoarders. This means I have a couple options: 1) I could immediately go to the store and pick up a new battery and install it right away (safest choice), 2) I could listen to the annoying chirping sound until it eventually goes away (lazy choice), 3) I could remove the battery so that the sound goes away and pick up a new battery next time I’m out (procrastination choice). I mean, come on, the choice should be obvious. I love my family and want to make sure that we are safe and get an early warning sign if there is a fire. I’ll be heading out right away to get a new battery for the smoke detector (right after I finish writing this).

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My Trip to the Desert

August 19, 2013 — Leave a comment

I have had the opportunity to travel quite a bit throughout my life; however, I have never been to a desert, unless watching Survivorman counts. Personally, I think deserts are beautiful and unique in their own way, but I’m well aware of the dangers awaiting those who stay too long…dangerous insects and snakes, small amounts of water, intense sunlight and heat, lack of vegetation, sandstorms, and mirages are constant challenges. Those who enter into a desert without a plan and proper supplies are sure to be overtaken by their surroundings.

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When I was very young (several decades ago), I played baseball. I’m not really into baseball now (I’ve moved on to more awesome sports like soccer), but it used to be a big part of my life. One year while playing little league baseball, I made the all-star team and got the chance to play alongside a bunch of other kids who were all-stars. Notice where that got me? I don’t have a problem with “all-star” games, but as I get older I wonder if we elevate the guy who scores the runs and makes the catches, while failing to realize that an individual needs a team in order to help him touch home plate.

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Have you ever gotten to the point where you felt that you were out of strength? You know what I’m talking about…worn out, exhausted, at the end of your rope, frustrated, nowhere to turn, out of options. I don’t care who you are (or how awesome you think you are), all of us face times when we are spent – no energy or power left to go on. I’ve been there a few times in my life and I’m sure there will be more to come. When I have experienced these times, I usually try to find some poor soul in the Bible who may have felt the same way. There are numerous examples of Biblical characters who faced total exhaustion and burn out, but one of my favorites is David. David (eventually King of Israel) walked a tough road before he became king. I don’t have time to get into all of his trials but if you are interested, you can read I Samuel 16-31.

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Bad Dog!

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You can’t turn your back on a puppy for one moment! A couple nights ago I placed my ice cream on the table and walked out of the room. Two minutes later I walked back into the room to find Bella, our 1 year old Maltipom, on the table hovering over my ice cream. I could tell that she really liked ice cream because I could hear her tongue lapping it up. I was now standing in the middle of the room staring at her, but she was unaware of my presence in the room. Everything changed when I spoke her name. Bella turned around to discover that I was in the room and she immediately knew that she was doing something wrong. She stopped her ice cream thievery, looked at me with puppy eyes, and laid down on the bed.

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Over the last several weeks at church we have been discussing prayer. Let’s get one thing straight. I’m not an expert in prayer. Since I’ve been a follower of Christ, I have attempted to make prayer a natural part of my life, but I must admit that it is difficult to remain in an attitude of prayer at all times. My desire is to include God in every part of my life whether I’m communing with Him through confessing, praising, submitting, depending, or simply enjoying. The Lord’s Prayer (some refer to it as the disciple’s prayer) found in Matthew 6 offers Jesus’ advice on how to pray as a part of life. Although Jesus did not intend for us to pray these exact words, each piece provides an integral part of praying.

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It’s Been a While

August 4, 2013 — Leave a comment

It’s been almost one year since I have written consistently on this blog.  I haven’t forgotten about it; in fact, I thought about writing on it nearly every day, but I knew it wasn’t time for me to add it back into my schedule just yet.  The last twelve months have been kind of hectic (in a good way) for our family.  Becoming the lead pastor of a church can be demanding (especially in the beginning stages) so I had to evaluate how to best use my time and, unfortunately, this blog was one of those areas that I set aside for a period of time to focus on more pressing matters.  Now that a year has passed and our family has a better handle on our schedule, I’m going to attempt to slowly add this blog back into my regular routine.

I appreciate many of you who used to read when I was actually posting.  You left me comments, sent me messages of encouragement, and even shared how God was changing you.  As I slowly step back into writing, I pray that God will allow us to reconnect once again.

Food & Flick

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Last week was a very busy one for the people of The Summit Church in Green. While some people were enjoying a day or two off, many of our people were giving up some of their time to prepare and host an event called Food & Flick, which is where we invited our community to a free picnic in the park and a showing of the movie, UP, on a giant screen. Even though the planning stages began several months ago, the culmination came last Monday with an advertising float in the City of Green Memorial Day parade and the actual event occurring on Friday, May 31 at 7:00pm.

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1 Samuel 24:1-22

April 16, 2013 — Leave a comment

God had miraculously protected David, once again, from the angry King Saul who was spending the last part of his life attempting to kill David. It seemed as if Saul had David and his men surrounded (1 Samuel 23:26), but a messenger informed Saul that the Philistines were invading the land (1 Samuel 23:27), which caused the King to return to his land to defend it against his enemies. When David knew that Saul had left the place where he was, he called the location the “Rock of Escape” (1 Samuel 23:28). David and his men departed from the Rock of Escape and hid in the strongholds of En-Gedi (1 Samuel 23:29).

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